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The national figure is only 1%



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Driving Lessons Pricing

When you are getting quotes for driving lessons ask yourself this simple, but extremely important, question:

“How much is your life worth?”

What you are taught by your driving instructor is going to keep you safe and ALIVE.  Learning to drive is an important skill to master and errors cost lives.

You should always get the very best tuition and become one of our star pupils

Pricing, Pricing, Oakworth School of Motoring
Pricing, Pricing, Oakworth School of Motoring

Many people choose a driving school solely based upon the cheapest pricing of driving lessons not the overall quality. But look at how ‘cheap’ driving lessons can end up been much more expensive;

Example Pricing:
60 cheap lessons at £20 = £1200 + 3 driving test attempts £186 = £1386
40 quality lessons at £24.50 = £980 + 1 driving test attempt £62 = £1,042

The cheap lessons could cost you in excess of £344 or more beyond what it may cost and what price do you place on your loss of confidence from the test failures?

Oakworth SoM address all these issues by offering real value for money and building your confidence for the future.

Cheap lessons are offered by driving schools who either use trainee driving instructors or by driving schools who only keep their pupils due to their price rather than by the quality of the tuition.

Our exceptional students have passed the DVSA practical test with zero points and some have passed in under 25 lessons, could you be our next star pupil

Oakworth School of Motoring pride ourselves on giving fantastic tuition and have an excellent 1st time pass rate, currently greater than 70%. This is achieved by creating bespoke training plans for all our students and utilising DVSA approved training materials and our unique student study pack with great value pricing. Oakworth delivers quality tuition, helping you become a quality safe driver for life.



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Pricing, Pricing, Oakworth School of Motoring

PayPal is the most convenient payment method offering the extra benefits of PayPal protection.  Book your lessons today by paying via PayPal with our on site Buy Now options using cards or bank / PayPal account. 

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Small extract of Oakworth SoM reviews

My son learnt to drive with George and I was very impressed with his learning experience. No frills or fuss just plain talking which is ideal for a young person. My son passed first time and he has continued to drive safely.


I decided to go with OSM because I read the fantastic reviews and I'm so glad I did.


Passed first time this afternoon with only one fault! George has been amazing, strict at times but that's exactly what was needed, my confidence has gone from 0 to 10. Can't recommend him and Oakworth School of Motoring enough!


First time pass this morning with 0 faults. Can't praise George enough. Lovely guy and completely honest throughout all of my lessons. Strict at times and that's exactly what I needed. Would recommend George to anyone !

Charlotte Mitchell

Passed 1st time with only 3 minors! Brother also passed 1st time with the same teacher. Great teacher and would highly recommend!


Passed today first time with 3 faults. Very happy. George is a great instructor, doesn't let you make mistakes. Oakworth comes highly recommended from me if you're serious about the first time pass!


New laws for learner drivers on motorways from June 2018


Learner drivers can take motorway lessons with an ADI (approved driving instructor from 2018)

Learner drivers will need to be:

  • Accompanied by a Oakworth School of Motoring ADI (approved driving instructor)
  • Driving the Oakworth SoM car fitted with dual controls for your safety.
  • Please note: Any motorways lessons will be voluntary and will not be part of your practical test. It will be up to the Oakworth School of Motoring driving instructor to decide when the learner driver is competent enough for them.

For more information see: www.gov.uk

Oakworth School of Motoring, Pass your driving test with, Oakworth School of Motoring

Pass your driving test with

| Driving Test Pass | No Comments
Oakworth School of Motoring The national figure of students passing with zero points is only 1%.  Such is the quality of our tuition Oakworth SoM has exceeded this, our students…
Congratulations Stuart, Congratulations Stuart, Oakworth School of Motoring

Congratulations Stuart

| Driving Test Pass | No Comments
Upon your first Time DVSA practical test Pass with Oakworth School of Motoring, the home of expert driving tuition No.1 in Keighley' and all surrounding areas.  Again well done Stuart Pass…
Congratulations Faye, Congratulations Faye zero fault pass, Oakworth School of Motoring

Congratulations Faye zero fault pass

| Driving Test Pass | No Comments
Congratulations Faye upon your fantastic 1st time zero point DVSA practical driving test pass, a superb result.  We are very pleased to add you to the list of Oakworth School of Motoring's top…
Congratulations Holly 1st Time Pass, Congratulations Holly 1st Time Pass, Oakworth School of Motoring

Congratulations Holly 1st Time Pass

| Driving Test Pass | No Comments
Congratulations Holly First time pass with only 1 minor fault with Oakworth School of Motoring, great driving skills it's been fantastic training you.  Always remember the training, keep up the…

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Oakworth SoM teaches you to drive safely for life NOT just to pass a driving test.

Pricing, Pricing, Oakworth School of Motoring

We aim to maintain our reputation and help you PASS within a minimum number of lessons.

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