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Preparing for your first DVSA Driving Theory Test in 2019?

Find out how much you need to score, what the current DVSA driving theory test pass mark is, and how many people pass the first time around.

What is the pass mark for the DVSA Driving Theory Test?

The pass mark is 86%, so you’ll need to answer 43/50 multiple choice questions correctly to pass.

For the Hazard Perception section of the test, you need to score 44/75.

Theory Test Pass Mark 2019
Theory Test Multiple Choice Questions 43/50 Questions answered correctly
Theory Test Pass Mark 86%
Hazard Perception 44/75 Hazards
Hazard Perception Pass Mark 58%

You must score a pass in both sections of the Theory Test to pass the overall test.

Driving Theory Test, Theory Test, Oakworth School of Motoring, Oakworth School of Motoring


The Driving Theory Test  Success survey

We know that 90% of learners that used Driving Theory Apps, passed their Theory Test, but how do we know this?

To obtain the 9 out of 10 learner driver pass rate, Driving Test Success conducted a survey in 2017 that revealed 90.07% of respondents passed their test using the DVSA Driving Theory Test  app. This was calculated from a sample of 345 learner drivers that had used the app within the last 6 months. Of those 345 learner drivers,  272 had taken their test and 245 had passed!

Get it today to ensure you have the best possible chance to pass the first time.

What is the current pass rate for the Theory Test?

The 2017/18 pass rate is 48.7%*,which means just over half of all people who sit their Theory Test fail it.

Theory Test Pass Rate
2013/14 51.6%
2014/15 51.0%
2015/16 49.2%
2016/17 48.7%
2017/18 48.7%

*March 2018

And, of those who passed their Theory Test, how many passed the first time?

In 2017*, 27% of all tests resulted in a first-time pass – that’s 529,013 first time passes out of 1.95 million tests sat.

That’s probably much less than you thought, right?

We all know someone who claims to have passed their test the first time around, with no revision at all or very limited last-minute revision attempts. While they may have fallen lucky (or told a little white lie) we really don’t recommend this approach.

The cost of a resit is £23, plus the cost of the original fail; bringing the booking fee up to £46, without taking into consideration the cost to get to the test centre, and your time wasted.

Our top 6 tips to pass your Driving Theory Test the first time:

  1. Revise as much as possible for the months and weeks leading up to your test, but don’t cram hours in at a time – instead, try to split your revision into more manageable chunks.  Driving Theory apps contains everything you will ever need to make sure you’re as prepared as possible.
  2. Attempt a minimum of 10 full Theory Test exams; which include both the multiple choice and hazard perception sections of the test.
  3. Don’t book your test until you are consistently and confidently passing each full mock tests with a high score. Completing one mock test isn’t enough; we’d recommend you pass at least 5 mock tests consecutively with some time left over!
  4. Don’t book your test until you have seen (and correctly answered!) 100% of the licensed DVSA Theory Test revision questions.
  5. Understand why you’re sitting the test. It’s not just a hurdle in the way of you booking your Practical Driving Test; it is vital information which will make you a safer, more informed driver. Everything you learn will be needed once you hit the road, so take your time and see the true value in your revision.
  6. Find the right revision tool for you. Focus on content and how it will fit into your revision schedule more than simply looking for the cheapest option you can find. Look for a product with all of the latest (and licensed) DVSA 2019 revision questions, a large amount of hazard perception clips, and a progress monitor. This will help you see when you’re consecutively passing and which areas need more work.

* Car theory test data by test centre DRT5201.


Driving Theory Test, Theory Test, Oakworth School of Motoring, Oakworth School of Motoring