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Review Request

Oakworth School of Motoring asks all of our customers to complete an independent review on Google and Freeindex using the tools available at the foot of every page.

As many customers do leave reviews whom we thank very much and some others don’t ?, if you are too shy we would still love to hear from you send us an email with your opinion by using the contact form, positive or negative your input is welcome as this will help Oakworth SoM to grow and make amendments.

The new Oakworth SoM website has now been connected to all social networks example facebook etc so all the independent reviews will be posted in several social locations automatically.  Unlike some other driving schools that simply makeup the reviews or post something on facebook which no body can question.

Oakworth School of Motoring is very different and we only use independent sources such is the quality of our tuition, so many first time passes and zero point passes.  We want you to be one of our next star pupils.

We want to take this time to thank all of our current and former customers, if any intended to complete a review and simply forgot please take this time to complete a Google and a Freeindex review by using the application installed on foot of all pages by using the options available at the foot of every page throughout our website

Note : Real email addresses or facebook logins must be used to submit a review and confirmation emails must be clicked for the post to be completed.