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Enjoy It!

Revising doesn’t mean reading from a book! In fact, you will be taking your theory test on a computer so revising on one could be the best way to prepare. Try revising with a friend or family member, even if they have passed their test, you can test their knowledge and get competitive by challenging them to score higher than you in a mock test!

Do it at least once a day!

Aim to complete at least one mock test a day on the run up to your test as this will help you to understand how the format of the test works. A well as this, people tend to find it useful to do around 2-3 ten minute sessions each day. Remember you don’t want to punish yourself. The theory test is the key to you becoming a safe, confident and effective driver/rider. Many learners find it useful to fit in practice whilst on the go, when you get a spare 10 minutes. A great way to do this is with online training or apps which can be used on your tablet or smartphone.

It's not a memory test

Don’t try to memorise the answers because you wont be able to, there are over 1200 possible questions. It is far easier to pass if you understand the questions and have read the explanations to know what the answers are.

Learn from OFFICIAL revision questions

There is a lot of free online content which learners think is sufficient to prepare for the theory test, not realising they’re unlikely to be revising from the latest, official question bank; and unlikely to have access to enough of the questions to be fully prepared. Whilst a free trial of training or apps is a great way to get started, we highly recommended you spend a couple of quid on reliable software which will save you the time and cost of a resit in a couple of months time!

You can't just 'Wing It'

Did you know that over £23 million was spent on theory tests that ended up as fails last year alone. That’s over 745,000 failed tests!

Fail to Prepare – Prepare to Fail